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Region One. North American Format. (Will play in the US and Canada)

Abandon Ship on DVD

After their luxury liner is sunk, a group of over twenty survivors take refuge in a life boat made for only nine. Included in the group are an old opera singer, a nuclear physicist, his wife and child, a General, a play-write and his dog, a college professor, a gambler and his mistress, the ship's nurse, and several members of the crew, including the Captain and executive officer. Soon, the captain dies from his injuries. The executive officer must take charge, and as a hurricane approaches, and their food and water run out, he must decide who to put over the side, and who stays and gets a chance at survival.


Tyrone Power ... Alec Holmes Mai Zetterling ... Nurse Julie White Lloyd Nolan ... Frank Kelly Stephen Boyd ... Will McKinley

Runtime: 100 min Sound Mix: Mono Color: Black and White Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

Region One. North American Format.

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Abandon Ship 1957 DVD

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