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Frenchman's Creek on DVD

Based on the Daphne DuMaurier novel, this rapturous adventure is unapologetically female in its viewpoint. Joan Fontaine plays an English noblewoman neglected by her foolish husband, and stalked by a decadent, womanizing lord (the great Basil Rathbone, at his most silky and depraved). Fleeing to her county home in Cornwall, she finds French pirate Arturo De Cordova operating out of a secluded creek on her property-causing an uproar among her neighbors. She tries to stick up for the moral principles of her class, but finds herself so attracted to the philosophical Frenchman and the freedom of his outlaw lifestyle, that she protects him, even joining in his illicit adventures.

Actors : Joan Fontaine, Arturo de Córdova, Basil Rathbone

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Frenchman's Creek 1944 DVD

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