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Region One. North American Format. (Will play in the US and Canada)

Love With the Proper Stranger on DVD

When Angie Rossini finds out she's pregnant, she tracks down Rocky Papasano the musician with whom she had a one night stand. Angie works a sales clerk in a department store and comes from a close knit Italian family where her brothers keep a close eye on her. The two really don't know one another but Rocky agrees to arrange for her to have an abortion but when he sees the conditions under which it will be performed, he gets her out of there. Faced with his situation, Rocky asks Angie to marry him but she seems uninterested, especially since he sounds like he's taking a dose of bad medicine, and turns to a lovelorn suitor, Anthony, as a solution to her situation. Rocky continues to try and see her however and it soon becomes apparent that she also has another plan.


Natalie Wood ... Angie Rossini Steve McQueen ... Rocky Papasano Edie Adams ... Barbie Herschel Bernardi ... Dominick Rossini Anne Hegira ... Beetie

Runtime:102 min Country:USA Language:English Color:Black and White

Region One. North American Format.

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Love with the Proper Stranger 1963 DVD

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