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Region One. North American Format. (Will play in the US and Canada)

The Heartbreak Kid on DVD

Director: Elaine May

Writers: Bruce Jay Friedman (story), Neil Simon (screenplay) Stars: Charles Grodin, Cybill Shepherd, Jeannie Berlin

In Elaine May's second directorial outing, Charles Grodin stars as Lenny, a slick salesman who, while honeymooning with his new bride, Lila (Jeannie Berlin, May's daughter), begins to have second thoughts about his marriage. Once Lenny spots the gorgeous Kelly (Cybill Shepherd), he is lost forever. Legally divesting himself of poor Lila, he follows Kelly to her upper-middle-class home, where he runs into the formidable opposition of her father (Eddie Albert), who states bluntly that he'd rather be dragged from a horse by his tongue than allow Lenny to become his son-in-law. The picture received critical kudos for Neil Simon's adroit screenplay, May's knowing direction, and Grodin's on-target performance.

Region One. North American Format.

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The Heartbreak Kid 1972 DVD

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