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The Perfect Mother

Since self-made immigrant Nico Podaras's death, widow Elenie runs his lucrative garage, with an illegal side business, generously using the profits to keep control of their three sons' lives. Simpleton Dan is happy to sire the crucial heir without hesitation to keep unruly, immature wife Charlene in line, but goes to far, so she absconds pregnant. Firstborn John gave up his dream, fishery, to work in the garage. When he marries Kathryn, she starts questioning and resisting Elenie's matriarchal manipulation, but bares her a grandson. The conflict escalates, leaving John torn between loyalties.


Tyne Daly ... Elanie Podaras Ione Sky ... Kathryn M. Podaras Louis Ferreira ... John Podaras (as Justin Louis)


Country: USA | Canada Language: English Release Date: 18 February 1997 (USA)

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The Perfect Mother 1997 on DVD

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