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Turkish Delight on DVD

Rutger Hauer starts in this complete assault on your senses. Erik Vonk, played by Rutger Hauer, is a wild and free artist and ladies stud. Erik them meets Olga, playe by Monique Van De Ven, a gorgeous young lady with a similar exuberance for sex and adventure. They decide to get married in a big slurry of adult eroticism and ecstasy. Then they both discover that life has different plans. Olga is hit hard by a fatal illness, which forces Erik to choose between untamed lust and undying love. Hauer gives a breakout performance in one of his early lead roles.

Cast & Crew Actors: Monique Van De Ven, Rutger Hauer, Hans Boskamp, Tonny Huurdeman, Wim van den Brink Writers: Gerard Soeteman Producers: Rob Houwer Directors: Paul Verhoeven

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Turkish Delight 1973 on DVD

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