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We've Never Been Licked on DVD

WWII morale film for Texas A&M graduates fighting overseas. Young Brad Craig (Langton) enters the military school with a chip on his shoulder which Mitchum and other upperclassmen quickly knock off. Once adjusted, Craig falls in love with a professor's beautiful daughter, only to find she is in love with his roommate, played by Noah Beery. In the meantime, Craig associates with Japanese spies (including William Frawley of "I Love Lucy") bent on stealing a secret chemical compound being worked on a the University. But is he one of them, or a double agent for his country?

Cast: Richard Quine ... Brad Craig Anne Gwynne ... Nina Lambert Noah Beery Jr. ... Cyanide Jenkins Martha O'Driscoll ... Deede Dunham

Runtime: 103 min Country: USA Language: English Color : Black & White

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We've Never Been Licked 1943 DVD

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